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It might seem challenging sometimes to keep track of which services your Volkswagen needs and when it needs them. However, it's worth it to stay on top of the most vital services so you'll have a reliable vehicle for traveling to work or doing errands around Arlington, VA. Your technician or driver's manual can give you a typical timetable for most services, and the reward for staying on top of them is a vehicle that gives you years of dependable service.

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Services You'll Need Once Per Year or More Often

Oil that is fresh and relatively free of debris improves fuel efficiency, reduces engine temperatures, and extends the lifespan of dozens of engine components. Given how relatively inexpensive and easy it is to get a regular oil change compared to the expense and inconvenience of engine repairs due to procrastination, there's every reason to stay on top of twice-yearly oil changes.

Brakes can go for 20,000 miles or more before replacing the brake pads, depending on your personal driving conditions. It's still a good idea to have your technician check them at least once per year, even if they don't require service. Tires may only need replacing after several years, but they need pressure checks and rotations a couple of times per year to keep you from getting a flat while driving to Chantilly, VA.

Filters remove debris from important fluids, like motor oil and gasoline, and keep the air directed into your engine and cabin clean. Without filters, dust and engine debris would soon clog up fluid systems or fill your cabin with dust and pollen. While fuel and air filters only need changing every 30,000 miles or so, the oil filter gets replaced every time you get an oil change at our service center near Herndon, VA.

Auto Maintenance Services You'll Need Every Few Years or Less Often

Engine tuning and transmission service will improve performance and increase the efficiency of your Volkswagen SUV. Your technician can inspect components in these systems and replace necessary fluids while also looking for signs of imminent trouble, like leaking fluids or cracked parts.

Fluid flushes remove spent fluids from systems like your brakes, radiator, or transmission. While these systems stay sealed, contaminants like moisture can still get in and dilute the fluid, reducing its ability to perform as you cruise to Annandale, VA.

Differential inspections are infrequent but necessary to ensure everything is in proper working order. When you turn a corner, the differential governs the speed at which different wheels turn. Without it, it would be nearly impossible to drive in anything but a straight line. Inspections check the system's components to ensure they remain working as they should as you navigate your VW Tiguan or VW Atlas around Centreville, VA.

Replacing belts and hoses often happens on an as-needed basis. The serpentine and timing belts need to get changed before they get close to failure, because the alternative can be quite catastrophic to the engine. Luckily, you'll probably only need to change them once over the lifetime of your VW SUV. Hoses and other engine components, like wires and gaskets, will get checked as part of engine inspections and replaced when necessary to keep your Volkswagen running smoothly. Spark plug inspections and replacements are fairly infrequent but necessary to keep the plugs firing and igniting fuel and helping your engine run.

We Can Help You Keep Your Volkswagen Running Smoothly at Our Fairfax Dealership

We employ technicians certified in all aspects of Volkswagen care and can keep your vehicle performing reliably as you drive around Alexandria, VA. You can easily schedule a visit by using our online form or by giving us a quick call.

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